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on the water but their pleasurecraft your overturned as a result of turbulent conditions. the sheriffs department helicopter pulled five people from the water. two children were trapped inside the cabin in the capsized boat. they remained inside as the vessel was being toed towed to show and rescue workers cut a hole in the hull to get the children out. the children looked wet but appeared to be okay. >> after rescuing the children, actually making contact with the children in the boat, understanding they war alert and conversing, it was a big sense of relief because normally these type of incident does not turn out well. this was very happy ending. reporter: beth children were taken away by ambulance but none of the seven people onboard were said to have been seriously
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injured. according to the fire department, none of the people rescued were seen wearing live vests. >> ama: developing news tonight. workers as raley's knob hill and bel-air food stores are on strike. the workers union are walking in front of this raley's in fremont. 7 ununion workers and rail raley's as at an impasse. >> we believe this will send a message that you can take a little from people but you can't take a lot. >> they have to do what they go to do to get what they want. i understand that. so, that's the way they have to get listened to, that's what they have to do. >> in a statement raley's says, in passion it's clearly understood that we must reduce our operating costs to become more competitive against nonunion retailers.
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a three-day strike over wages and other issues is continuing tonight at two sonoma county hospital. nurses and workers walked off the job yesterday morning. union leaders say the strike is the result of hospital demands to cut on-call and night shift pay. >> a witness helped police track down a suspect in a hit-and-run extent in santa rosa. it left a pedestrian in critical condition. a witness was able to give police a description hoff the car involved. police located the car and arrested christian pena of season rosa for felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence. he is on profirings prior dui conviction. >> jury deliberations are set to continue in the trial of a former elementary school principal accused of not reporting child sex abuse. the former principal, vijay told
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the jury she didn't report the abuse because the teacher convinced her the abuse was part of a lesson plan. life is slowly improving for victims of hurricane sandy. but the bad news is never far away. sandy is now responsible for at least 113 deaths. nearly half of those were in new york. these are the above and after pictures of the damage. 730,000 new york residents are without power and overnight temperatures dropped into the 30s. >> people are in homes that are uninhabitable. it's going to become increasingly clear they're uninhabitable when the temperature drops and the heat doesn't go on. that's when they'll know they're uninhabitable. >> they also warned the fuel shortage will end for days and doesn't know when it will end. and the monday commute will not be back to normal. >> check us these amazes images of the damage.
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this satellite shot shows the before and after damage in new jersey, maryland, and new york. see just how bad the destruction is along the coast. sand, where homes and parks used to be. hundreds of homes and building destroyed. disney and abc are making monday a day of giving to the victims of sandy. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross, and samsung will provide a dollar force dollar match for viewer donations to the american red cross on abc's day of giving. you can text abc to 90999 to give $10 to the relief efforts in any disaster, communication is critical to response and relief efforts. right now a bay area university is developing ways to keep communications going during any major critical event. we're live with the details. reporter: one of the things
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carnegie melon university is working on is a social media site with its own independent power source. that way people can loggen and use their smartphone or their computer. >> the inside of this palo alto mobile emergency operation center i filled with the latest communication equipment. research work being done here at the carnegie melon university moffet field campus is how to make sure this centering communicate with others during a crisis. dr. kris is president of the campus. >> that should make it much easier to locate people, locate where you police emergency stations, where the red cross should be. >> the san bruno gas pipeline explosion is being used as an example of what happens when first responders can't communicate with each. dr. ray is a distinguished physicalow at the university. >> different fire departments and police from different cities, but they can't share data. they can share voice sometimes. they can't share maps, videos,
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photographs, status. >> this workshop, the third of its kind, hopes hopes to put fit responders on the same page. the work of the professors and students is how to best use low cost, crowd source or open source technology in a disaster event, and they're opening a survivable social media site that people can use that would supplement the work of first responders. week other wi-fi connection that would be distributed to schools and other emergency response centers. >> the same tools to keep in touch with your friends or neighbors or colleagues, would then keep working after we have the earthquake or other large event. >> a disaster wi-fi in neighborhoods could help neighborhood connect with each other for help or update each other during a crisis. the researchers don't know when the technology will be available but the research is being sponsored by oargz from nasa to mobile service providers. in men low -- menlo park.
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abc-7 news. >> ama: the war of words between two candidates for city attorney. >> and the taxes apple is payingen its profits. >> celebrating 100 year of service with one of the nation's oldest transportation names. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. looks like parts of the bay area could be near record highs tomorrow, and the end of the week, the
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>> ama: the campaign for oakland city attorney others gotten special now there's threat of a libel suit. jane brunner says she plans to sue appointed city attorney barbara parker over a campaign mailer that claims brunner has been suspended from practicing law. >> there's a short period when i was running for city council in 1995 that i was not practicing law, and i did not -- was not active but i was not suspended. >> the parker campaign counters the suspension is public record. >> on the california bar association's web site, people can look it up, says she was ineligible to practice law from july 1995 to january 1997. >> ama: the parker campaign contends brunner can't practice law for 25 years if she was ineligible for 17 months. >> the electiones expected to be
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super charged compared the june primary when less than a third of voters cast ballots. a record 18.2 million californians have registered to vote. stay with us for complete election results on tuesday, get real-time results on the moment the polls close and we'll have live updates on face book and twitter. >> a regulatory filing released shows apple is paying 1.9% of income tax on its earnings outside the u.s. they paid $713 million in taxes on foreign earnings of nearly $37 billion in the fiscal year that just ended on september 29th. compared to $12 billion in federal taxes here in the u.s. apple, like many other globe companies, offer leave significant profits overseas to not pay the tax rate. the praise legal. getting on early start on veterans day weekend.
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more good news forecast drivers. we'll tell you what's happening to gas prices. >> a big warmup on the way. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: i'm mike shumann. the bucs in blackhole and an oakland
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>> ama: it's called the biggest veterans parade in northern california, and so what if it's a week early. marching bands, helicopters and veterans marched down the streets in pleasanton. last year reside parade featured 2700 matchers. plenty of people were on hand watch the festivities. veterans say they're impressed how much people respect the military. >> san francisco's municipal railway took riders back in time. the transit agency put several vehicles like this trolley coach into operation today. muni started as a street car system in 1912. it carried passengers along market street and then outgeary
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street to the richmond district. a traps sit enthusiast explains. >> the first publicly owned transit system in the united states in a major city. so that hadn't been done before. they were all privately operated, for-profit corporations. >> ama: this orange and white trollly bus carried passengers all around san francisco during the 1970 and the '80s. >> gas prices continue to trap. the average price of a gallon of gas has dropped 21 cents over two weeks. the average is now 3.47 a gallon in california it's 3.99 a gallon. and in the bay area, gas is still over $4 a gallon, selling for an average of 4.15 a gallon. >> it was such a lovely day today. the first day where you set the clock backs, hopefully. >> leigh: the sunset was a little after 5:00, so we're kind of squeezing all that daylight, getting shorter and shorterment
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we have some clear sky, and, by, it is still mild out there with current readings in the 60s. even some mid-to-low 7 sos. live doppler 7hd right now not picking up any clouds. no moisture out there right now. as we are sweeping live, and here's a look at some of our readings for today. our highs, warmed up nicely. santa rosa, your high today was 82. we had 78, half hoop -- half hoop bay. san francisco, 77. 77 for concord, antioch, livermore, 79. plenty of sunshine for our friends in san jose. right now, temperatures inching downward a bit. 68 in antioch, 69 in san francisco. 74 in san rafael. 66 half moon bay and san jose, 71. so, folks, here's what you can expect how to much of this work week. clear tonight. maybe just a little bit of
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coastal cloudiness here and there. otherwise, record highs expected the next few days. enjoy. 70s and 80s, because as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday, cooler and the rain will return. here is the setup. i want to show you this. you can get a sense of the high building to the north. just kicks the storm track conclude this where is the jet stream is, well to the north. so all the rain will stay to the north of us until about wednesday night, this, and that's when this high will start to break down, and that will allow the clouds clouds to movet at least from now until then, this high is in place, it brings us those warm offshore winds, and that's definitely going to translate to near record highs, even some record highs for parts of the bay area for your monday and tuesday. santa rosa, forecasting 88 for your high tomorrow. the old record you see there 83. so definitely a record there we'll probably tie the record in san francisco of 80 degrees.
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oakland will probably asset -- set a new record, and santa cruz, forecasting 88 degrees, with a record high of 92. flirting with that record tomorrow. here's a look at the lows tonight. 40s in the north bay. 50s elsewhere. the highs for your monday, enjoy them. very warm for this time of year. 88 for santa rosa. 80, san francisco. half moon bay, 74. concord, 82. oakland, 82. 84 for livermore, san jose, 83. 88 gilroy, and 88 for santa cruz tomorrow. temperatures may come down a few degrees on election day on tuesday, but no rain in our accuweather forecast on election day, tuesday. clouds thicken wednesday, temperatures cool, rain returns thursday, periods of rain on friday, and then more sunshine next weekend. >> ama: mike shumann is back and we don't see you in silver and black very much.
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>> 49ers are off. we did have a rematch of the 2003 super bowl today at the blackhole. raiders trying too reverse the outcome. oakland native doug martin ran wild on the silver and black. darren mcfadden left in the second half with a leg injury. highlight of the day for the raiders, palmer to heyward-bey. one hand. that's worth another look. that set up a 25-yard t.d. pass from palmer to streeter and the raiders led at the half. raiders have been outscored 88-44 in the fourth quarter. last in the league. 45 yards here. 14-10 bucs in the third, martin again. this time 67 yards. would somebody tackle this guy? tampa, 08 tote -- 20 total yards in the third. mr. martin not done,le finished with a team record 251 yards on
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25 carries. 35-17. the raiders refuse to quit. palmer, the throw to reed. they get the ball back, plenty of time. but palmer, 414-yard, three picks. bucs run out the clock. raiders lose, fall to 3-5. >> howth our team hung in there, thought our team battled, and we tried to make a comeback and just came up a little short. >> we indiana -- we need to clean up and be firing on all cylinders, specially in critical points in games. too many mistakes. >> a heck of player. played good today. he was tough. he was downhill and did what he needed to do to win. he had a big game, and nothing you can do about that. >> mike: peyton manning and the bron can hes and -- broncos brod denver.
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denver trailed in the fourth. decker take us it away. broncos come from behind to win. >> andrew luck's colts hosting the dolphins. a career game. two t.d. passes, this one to wayne. luck under pressure. airs it out to hilton. between two defenders. 36-yard touchdown, broke cam newton's record for passing records in a game with 433. the colts win 23-20 your final. >> mls playoffs today. earthquakes in l.a. to face the galaxy. game just injured way on espn. the winner advances. eastern conference semis. houston and kansas city. kansas city had not lost in three months. houston up 1-nil. bruin doesn't miss and dine knows win it, 2-nil. >> nascar in the lone star state. five laps to go, 55 car spins.
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top two in the points, jimmie johnson, brad keselowski in the race. final restart, johnson takes the lead, doesn't look back, the overall points leader by seven with two races remaining. >> senior pga tour. tom layman the first player to win in two straight hours. layman, a one-stroke lead. look at this short. makes birdie. then two putts on 18. 5-under 65. breaks the tournament record for lowest score. 440 grand for the win, million dollar annuity for the cup, which returns to harding park next year. >> mls playoff with soccers and your plays of the day. >> ama: an unusual use for a lot of spare change.
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>> me tonight at 9:00 on cable 1. i'll tell you how scientist created self-healing concrete which could revolutionize road and building construction. at 11:00 here on abc. take a trip to paris for free. the travel secrets you need to
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know that's all at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc-7. >> i don't want to be the bad guy anymore. >> ama: the animation movie opened with $49 million in sales. the largest box office opening ever for walt disney animation. it's about a video game villain who tries to break free from being the bad guy. >> denzel washington's flight soared to a $25 million debut. argo is in third place. the man with the iron fist is in fourth, and taken 2 wraps up the top five films. >> now to an unusual use for spare change. a pennsylvania woman used it to create a floor at her coffee shop. it took 250,000 pennies and about 300 hours over three weeks to cover the entire floor. the owner says the pennies were a lot cheaper than actually having to buy tile.
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looks kind of cool, though. >> mike: don't want to use the pennies for anything else anymore. >> ama: that's it for us. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thank you for joining us, download or new alarm clack app at the apple store. captioned by closed captioning services inc. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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